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Glasslands, compiled of previous members from Beartooth and Icon For Hire, are releasing their debut album titled Pariah on Friday September 23rd 2016. Josh Kincheloe released four singles under the name Glasslands from 2013 to 2014. Brandon Mullins (ex Beartooth) joined up with Kincheloe in mid 2016 for Pariah.


released September 23, 2016



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Glasslands Nashville, Tennessee

Glasslands came to life in 2013 as a creative outlet for Kincheloe. After receiving positive feedback as well as national radio play as a solo artist under the pseudo-name, he decided to pursue it as a full outfit in 2015. Mullins and Reed joined up with Kincheloe in 2016 for their debut album, Pariah. ... more

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Track Name: Back and Forth
Take me to a secret place where I’ll be someone else; yeah I’ll be someone else. Follow your leader. My heart is so cold, desperate and alone. Beat me back and forth; beat me back and forth. Liar! Tell me what you are, cause I already know. Come and break me up; let’s all take our cut. Tell me that I’m done, cause I don’t even care. Round and round we play these games. My heart is beating fast; my heart is beating fast now. I feel them passing by my door. I’ll lock me up inside my head so…follow your leader, cause my heart is frozen closed, but you’ll never get the chance to know.
Track Name: Fame (feat. Ryan Kirby)
This is where we make our stand. We’re all the same; we’re all the same. California stars and fame, we’re all the same; we’re all the same. What is this world we love where fame is just a lie that we long to live? Watch them pull us in. We think we’re kings among common man. Disillusioned, don’t hear you call my name, but I’m standing straight. Desperation, will you remember my face, remember my face. What are you searching for? They’ll just keep you coming back for more. Don’t be afraid to take a breath. Dream on, don’t be exactly like the rest.
Track Name: Deadman
So help me up; my body's stuck. I want to go back; don’t want to feel that. I’ve had enough; this isn’t love. My mind is haunted by this frozen wasteland. I won’t be strong; least not for long. What’s your cryptic? Tell me what’s your secret? Come get your fix; just whisper it. We’ll all keep living in this secret sin. Set my world on fire, cause I want to watch it burn. Hold me under water, cause I’m already a dead man. I’m dead without you. Now pick your sin, cause I want to feel them. What’s the difference if I’m never gonna be full grown and I’m going at this all alone? Cause I can’t ever come back home. I am pariah and I can’t comprehend. You are the feeler; know the weight of my sins. I am pariah; am I too far gone? You are the feeler waiting for the day that I…come home.
Track Name: Soul Without A Home
Shame has lost its place. Selfish body, mind, and soul; coping with the guilt you’re ridden. Feel me now; feel me now. I’m hollow. Breathing in this empty air; holding on but you don’t seem to care. I’m just a soul without a home. Even if my eyes could see, they would see you’re nothing more than me. I’m just a cold and empty stone. Blinded by your pride. When in doubt just don’t believe; deny you ever felt me breathing. Can they even hear me? Feel my heartbeat beating? Will they ever even know? I’m just a soul without a home. Breathing in this empty air; you don’t even care. I’m just a soul without a home.
Track Name: The Sounds
Speak to the sounds of annihilation. Come let me in; I’m the product of your sins.
Track Name: Demons
We live to appease. Entire generations blind to this cultural disease. They cover our own eyes. They bind our hands until we cry for more, then throw us to the wolves. This is a war for our souls. Just let go. I will not forget the demons that you are. There isn’t one who can go without blame. Our whole world lives and dies just to gain. Take a look at your life. Leave the empty; set yourself free. You are more than the scars on your heart. So step away, and become who you’re born to be. Set yourself free. I will not forget the demons that you are.
Track Name: Meaningless
Take a good look at the face in your mirror. Do you even know their name? I’m looking for a way out of this empty place. I don’t know who I am. Where do I go from here? Tried but I can’t seem to face my fears. Every time I stand I fall; I can’t even feel at all. Lost and alone, we silently fall apart. How did it come to this? The life leaves our lungs; we long to feel love again. You are not meaningless. How do I take back my pride? I’m so sick of these lies; I’m losing my mind. There’s nowhere to go. No one we can look to; no place to call home. I will not be the victim. There’s so much more we can be. Can’t you see that you’re beautiful? I will not be the victim.
Track Name: Dark
Help me I have been asleep, dreaming of a dream that’s just out of reach. Cause the rise to the top is a slow fall. Will I ever be the man I seek? Am I just too ordinary? I feel enchained; I’m masquerading inside my head. This is overwhelming. I need a rise; I’m contemplating the life I live. Something awake in me. Sometimes we wake up in the dark; we fall. We’re bitter broken torn apart; nowhere to start. These empty promises, they live inside my head. Sometimes we wake up in the dark; we fall apart. Help me I have gone to deep, treading but I don’t think my legs can keep. We are more than just bones; don’t stay empty alone.
Track Name: Go For Broke
Go for broke, the whispers of an empty stone. Shadow soul, it doesn’t matter where you go. Go for Broke. I am a shadow; I am invisible.